Sunday, January 30, 2011

Piazzolla Caffé & Bar

There is no Piazzolla music highlighted today but for European readers or travelers to Europe, we have a highlighted destination. The address is Rua Antonio José de Almeida nº52A in Cantanhede, Portugal. You will find there a very warm and friendly spot for food, spirits and music run by some genuine Piazzolla fans. It is called the Piazzolla Caffé & Bar, On the wall you will see a score of Adios Nonino and posters of Piazzolla. On Friday nights they have live bands but my guess is that on other nights, you might find Piazzolla music playing on their in-house sound system. You can see photos of people truly enjoying themselves at the Piazzolla Caffé here.

Cantanhede is a discovery to me. It lies in the heart of the Bairrada wine region and is only 25 kilometers from what are described as the very popular beaches of Mira and Tocha. For a town of less than 40,000 people, it seems a wonder to me that such an inviting spot as the Piazzolla Caffe exists. If you are traveling to Portugal and want to get beyond the usual tourist destinations of Lisbon and Oporto, plan a trip to Cartanhede.

And while it was not Piazzolla that led to my discovery of the Piazzolla Caffé, it was music and I have included the video below. I recognize the music as fado but do not know the name of the musician or the song, although it sounds very familiar. Perhaps a reader can help and leave a comment. The music is wonderful and it would be my dream to walk into the Piazzolla Caffé and encounter such a scene.

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