Monday, January 24, 2011

Libertango - Stoner Version

Caution - today's video may be painful to musicians. In the past two years I have sampled over 14,000 Piazzolla videos on YouTube. Today's video featuring a performance of Libertango by the duo, Trash, is the worst I have ever seen. I must admit I have not watched the entire video but did watch long enough to confirm that there is a trace of the Libertango tune submerged in that steady stream of stoner sound.

We know very little about the musicians other than that they are prize winners - note the trophies on the top of the cabinet - and that the guitar is "tuned" in open C.

If the video does not appear below, click here.

Note added 25 January, 2011: This blog has clearly tapped some unexpected well of interest. It is one the most viewed, most commented upon blogs I have ever posted. I received a little more information in a private note from one of the musicians. The guitarist is Karl Lazaro and the drummer is Matias Bandini. They describe themselves as more poets than musicians. You will find their poetry under the links associated with their names in the previous sentence. Karl further suggests viewing of a second Piazzolla related video which includes his poetry reading. I recall this video well from the first time I saw it. The juxtaposition of audio and video is strikingly creative. You can watch it here.

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  1. Hahaha! thanks! listen the song since 4 min it turns nice on that min

    Kisses from argentina

  2. 1:05


  3. hahaha "Piazzolla not dead"?

  4. encima son amargos de river (?

    karl pt

    PD: escribo en español porque la tengo enorme

  5. Que groso Karl!!! el batero who is it?

  6. The funny thing about life is this: it's serious

    Take this "version" as a funny thing.

    We respect to Piazzolla, over what appears in this video. We grew up in Buenos Aires, Piazzolla's music is like a postcard from Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is Piazzolla. At least for me, for us.

    I'm not a drummer, haha! is evident. I'm almost guitarist.

    But we must descend the serious things from the sky. They can come to us.

    And Piazzolla is not only Buenos Aires. Is universal. It is a human voice. The human voice speaks in many ways.

    Well, Sorry for my english!!!


  7. Matias,

    If there is one thing I have learned in writing this blog is that you are correct - Piazzolla is universal.

    Thanks for your comment.


  8. Que extraña mezcla de industrial ,punk y tango