Tuesday, January 25, 2011

La Muerte del Ángel - Tango Ensillado

It is always refreshing to find a new group of young musicians dedicated to bringing the authentic sounds of Piazzolla to new audiences. Tango Ensillado is such a group. The group is new enough that as I write this, their website is reserved but still unpopulated. They follow the tradition of other tango groups from their home country, Norway, of directing high quality musical training through apprenticeship with masters of the genre into a tight musical organization which can truly capture the sound of a Piazzolla quintet. Tango Ensillado is still developing their skills but as you can tell from today's video performance of La muerte del ángel, this is a group to watch for the future.

I believe members of the group are Andreas Rokseth on bandoneón, Rannveig Ryeng on violin, Christian Skår Winther on guitar, Håkon Magnar Skogstad on piano and Ole Herman Schøyen Sjölin on contrabass. All but Winther are veterans of the well known Norwegian orquesta tipica Tangueros del Norte. Winther is a strong electric guitarist - just the person they need to form an authentic quintet. The piece they are playing, La muerte del ángel, was composed as incidental music for the 1962 play, Tango del ángel, by Alberto Rodriguez Muñoz and is one of Piazzolla's most frequently recorded pieces.

Groups like Tango Ensillado tend to come together and then disappear a year or two later. I hope this group stays around longer than that - they could become one of the best.

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