Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Libertango - SummerRain Duo

Today's video features a guitar duo in sharp contrast to the Meng/Yameng duo featured in a recent blog. Today's duo comes from South Korea and is known as SummerRain. Meng/Yameng excel in interpretation and execution. They play music that others have composed or arranged and to my knowledge do not address those tasks themselves. SummerRain, in contrast, arrange and compose in addition to performing. Meng/Yameng are clearly classical performers. SummerRain would be found in the New Age bins in an American shop although their technique suggests they are classically trained.

In today's video, SummerRain performs a medley of Carlos Gardel's Por una cabeza and Piazzolla's Libertango. This is music for listening enjoyment. Nothing is heavy or complicated, the arrangements are creative and the performance is flawless. The guitarists are Shim Hyun and Lim Seungmoon. Their biographical information is available but only in Korean and because of the way the text in their website in embedded in .gif files, it is inaccessible to the usual translation engines. As a result, I can share no information about the musicians. Their website lists two recordings and offers a number of mp3 samples. You can also find a good set of videos on the Seungmoonlim YouTube Channel. The performance of their own composition, Summer Rain, is very nice and reminiscent of the work of Brook Williams or William Ackerman although I cannot imagine either of those two guitarists performing Piazzolla's music.

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