Thursday, March 29, 2012

Escualo - Revirado

Video editors, rejoice! Today's featured video of the Argentine group Revirado playing Escualo should make all those video editors who have spent unrecognized hours with eyes glued to the screen and fingers dancing on the keyboard feel good about their work. The video clearly demonstrates the power of video editing.

In November, 2009, Revirado posted two versions of the same performance on YouTube. The first version showed the band playing live on stage with a video being shown adjacent to the performance. In the 28 months since the video was posted, it has collected 460 views. The second video took that adjacent video and edited it into the live performance video. That video, in the same 28 months, has collected 880 views. The audience has voted and the video editor won.

I am not sure if Revirado still exists as a band. Pity if not, they are quite good. They are a quintet but not a Piazzolla quintet - a drum replaces the electric guitar in the quintet. Members are Emiliano Greco on piano, Lautaro Greco on bandoneón, Javier Weintraub on violín, Juan Miguens on double bass and Martín Gonzalez on drums. Their webpage is defunct and their Facebook page appears abandoned. While I find evidence of a CD, Solo a tus estrellas, I don't find it for sale. Escualo is not an easy piece and they handled it well - it is articulated clearly and is rhythmically consistent. I would like to hear more.

The video is the work of the mysterious Amenaza de Pache. Whether he is responsible for the video editing that created the more highly viewed version of the video is not totally clear but I believe he deserves the credit. His YouTube site contains some other examples of his video work. Note as you watch the video the way he respects the phrasing in the music with his cuts - it is a text book example of the way music videos should be done.

Thanks to Amenaza de Pache and Revirado for creating this very interesting video and thanks to Kat Eiswald for bringing it to my attention.

Both videos are provided below. First the edited video:

And second, the original video:

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