Thursday, January 13, 2011

Libertango - The Swingle Singers

Why wait? The Swingle Singers promised their new recording and video of Libertango would be out before Christmas but that day has passed and we are still waiting. They even issued a trailer to tickle our interest but still no video. While we are waiting for the real thing, you can watch one of several versions which have been "captured" at their live shows and posted on YouTube. The best of those just appeared this week, perhaps "captured" from a Russian television broadcast, and is today's featured video.

The Swingle Singers were formed in the early '60's in France by an American, Ward Swingle. In 1963, the first album, Jazz Sebastian Bach, from the eight member a capella group won a Grammy. The group moved to England in 1973, singers came and went, but they have existed as a unit almost continuously to today. In 2001, Tobias Hug, a beatboxer joined the group and revitalized the music. The new singers who have joined the group since 2007 have further enlivened the group and they promise to once again be a force in the music world. There have been and are many imitators but once again, the Swingle Singers are the best.

Libertango has long been in their repertoire and their website suggests it is their most frequently requested song. Curiously, they have never recorded it - that is until the recent recording which will no doubt be issued any day now. While you are waiting, take a look at today's video.

If the video does not appear below, click here.

Note added on 15 January, 2011: Here is the reason to wait. The official video has now debuted and is a visual and auditory treat. It will take some time but this video should move near the top of the YouTube Piazzolla "Most Viewed List." There were more than 1,000 views the first day it was posted.

If the official video does not appear below, click here.

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  1. Hi Don - thanks for posting this! Sorry we made you wait so long, I hope it was worth it! :-)

    Clare from The Swingle Singers