Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chiquilin de Bachin - Milos Stojanovic

The performing artist is shown in the title but the star of today's video is probably Franck Angelis who did the arrangement of Chiquilin de Bachin performed here by Milos Stojanovic, a student at the Academy of Music in Skopje, Macedonia. My use of the word "arrangement" may be incorrect. Mr. Angelis titles the work, Etude sur le thème "Chiquilin de Bachin" drawing parallels to such pieces as Ralph Vaughan Williams' Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis and I am tempted to agree that it is more a work of variation on a theme than it is an arrangement.

Chiquilin de Bachin was composed by Piazzolla in 1968 and is one of the earlier collaborations with lyricist and poet Horacio Ferrer. It is one of the few waltzes composed by Piazzolla and celebrates a young boy who sold roses to patrons of a café, the Bachin, frequented by Piazzolla and his companions. It was first sung by Amelita Baltar and first recorded by her on a 1969 Trova lp (TS 33-741). That version is difficult to find but a second version, recorded the same year, is available on the CD, Amelita Baltar Interpreta Piazzolla y Ferrer.

The Angelis' Chiquilin de Bachin Etude moves the beautiful and simple theme from Chiquilin de Bachin through multiple variations starting with something like a Buxtehude organ prelude, then through a French café to a dark, Mahleresque rumination finishing with a Quincy Jones soundtrack for a hero escaping across the rooftops of Paris. The piece is clearly a challenge for any Bayan or accordion player and Milos Stojanovic meets that challenge. References to the work in the web are invariably linked to performances in accordion competitions. If Mr. Stojanovic is preparing for such a competition, I have no doubt he will receive first prize - his playing is superb. Stojanovic's YouTube channel suggests he is from Serbia. I can find no other information about him but with a talent like his, it is surely only a matter of time before we recognize his name as an outstanding Bayanist.

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  1. Ok, I have a question, maybe a little bit strange, but here it is.... Do you know by any chance has someone else from this region (ex-Yugoslavia) done cover of this song (a long time ago)... It's just that I have recently discovered this song, and it sounds so familiar to me, but I am aware that it might be just that tango rhythm.... Thanks!