Thursday, June 17, 2010

Verano Porteño - Pablo Mingione

Apparently, no one informed Pablo Mingione that the role of the bassist was to play the root of the chord on the first beat of every measure. Or, if they did, he fortunately did not listen because you will find very few chord roots in today's video of Mingione playing Verano Porteño on his electric bass guitar. With a combination of standard fretting and strumming and two handed tapping, Mingione provides a very creative and effective jazz interpretation of this Piazzolla classic. If you enjoy his performance of Verano Porteño, you might also enjoy his related version of Adios Nonino.

Mingione's creativity is not limited to Piazzolla. His first solo album, Desconocido, contains a number of thoughtfully created and well performed pieces ranging from Bach's Invention Nr. 4 in d minor to Jobim's Girl from Ipanema to pieces of his own composition. He has generously shared the full mp3's of each of these on this album link. More recently, he and bandoneónist, Marcelo Marcellini, have applied their talent to traditional tango. You can listen to their interpretations of Tierra Querida (Julio de Caro) and Mal de Amores (Pedro Laurenz) here. And, most recently, judging from the "advertising" in the video, Mingione has turned to passing his skills on to others as a "Professor" at the virtual music school, Tamaba. Students should pay attention - this man knows what he is doing.

If the video does not appear below, click here.

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  1. Excellent......really're a great bassman

  2. Pablo mingione... gran bajista, gran musico, increible persona. Exitos!

  3. First class musician, Pablo Mingione is!