Thursday, June 17, 2010

Amelita Baltar - Marikena Monti - Susana Rinaldi

This blog has visited before the story of Amelita Baltar and Balada para un loco but any time new video arrives that brings the singer and song together again, it is news for this blog. Such an occasion arrived on June 14th in the Golden Hall of the legislature of Buenos Aires. The occasion was the presentation of an award to Marikena Monti as a Cultural Icon for the city. Not only was the audience treated to the performance of Balada para un loco that is featured in today's video they also were treated to performances by Susana Rinaldi and Ms. Monti herself. A good place to watch all of these videos is the blog of Raúl Puy, a prominent government official in Buenos Aires. Scroll to near the bottom of Puy's blog to find the video.

These three women have a combined 130 years of performance experience and are the Grandes Dames of the Argentine music world. They are currently appearing in the hit show, Tres mujeres para el show, a revival of the 1973 show of the same name. For those not familiar with the singers on sight, Baltar is the singer in the video, Monti is the woman who goes on stage to hug Baltar and Rinaldi is the woman seated in the audience who Baltar goes over to hug. What a treat it must be to see Tres mujeres para el show. The only complaint I have read is that the three do not sing together as a trio. That would be something to hear.

If the video does not appear below, click here.

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