Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Escándalos Privados - Sebastián Holz

Mario Trejo, an Argentine poet, collaborated with Piazzolla to provide lyrics for three canciones: Los pájaros perdidos, Escándalos privados, and Violetas populares. The first of these is one of Piazzolla's more popular songs but the other two are rarely heard. Today's video features Sebastián Holz singing Escándalos privados accompanied by pianist, Gabriel Goldman, who also arranged the song. The performance is from a 2004 production titled Astor Inédito.

Piazzolla did not record Escándalos privados although it appears on his 1975 recording, Balada para un loco, sung by Jose Angel Trelles accompanied on solo piano by Dante Amicarelli, who was a member of one of Piazzolla's earlier quintets.

Sebastián Holz is one of the better young Argentine singers and is a frequent performer of Piazzolla compositions. His interpretation is very similar to that of Trelles in the original. On the other hand, the piano accompaniment by Goldman is pleasant enough but quite unlike that of Amicarelli. I much prefer the original piano accompaniment, although I suspect it was created by Amicarelli not by Piazzolla, and hope someday to hear Holz repeat the performance with something closer to the Amicarelli accompaniment. Nevertheless, this is the only version available on YouTube and it is worth a viewing.

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