Thursday, June 3, 2010

Le Grand Tango - Kleinhapl and Woyke

It is rare to find posted video of Le grand tango, much less two excellent performances posted in the space of two days. Today's video of Friedrich Kleinhapl and Andreas Woyke, both from Austria, performing Le grand tango at the Fazioli Concert Hall in Sacile, Italy is the second of two fine performances this week. As impressed as I was with the performance of Beznosikov in the previous blog, this performance moves to the top of my list as the best performance of Le grand tango on YouTube.

Kleinhapl is exceptionally expressive and delivers a flowing performance, capturing the emotional content of the music as few others have. His cello has a voice well suited for the music. And, unlike many performances, the cellist is, in this case, matched with a pianist who delivers nuance and finds the rhythmic, tango structure that 99% of pianists miss in the piece. I see no hints that either of these musicians have traveled to Argentina to study tango but they appear to have a natural feel for the music and I hope they develop some additional Piazzolla interpretations. I think a reading of the Histoire du tango by the duo would be very interesting (particularly if they can obtain the Ribchester piano arrangement of the guitar/piano part).

If the video does not appear below, click here.

Note: This blog was modified on 24 February, 2011 to replace the original video which was removed. This is a different performance but is equally good.

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