Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lo Que Vendrá - Juan José Mosalini

Juan José Mosalini is without a doubt one of the most important tango musicians in the world today. This is true by almost any measure: as a bandoneónist, as a composer, as an arranger, as a performer or as a teacher. In today's featured video, we see him as a performer with his orquesta típica, the Grand Orchestre de Tango, playing Piazzolla's Lo Que Vendrá. The arrangement is no doubt his own but the devotion to Piazzolla's original is clear. Lo Que Vendrá was composed in 1955 or 1956 and first appeared on the rare LP, Tango Progresivo. It is one of Piazzolla's best and most famous traditional tangos presented here in absolutely perfect traditional format. You will find no better performance.

Piazzolla was twenty-two years old when Mosalini was born but twenty years later, the two would become friends. You can see them perform together in this mute, but interesting video (that is young Mosalini at Piazzolla's right). Mosalini has recorded extensively as a soloist, in duos, in trios, in quintets, with symphonies and in orquesta típica. While I admire his tango nuevo work - he is one of the few who successfully composes in the same vein as Piazzolla - it is his work in the traditional format that I find most appealing. I highly recommend his CD, Bordoneo Y 900, for its traditional sound. The excellent discography on his website provides a guide to his other recordings although they are difficult to find outside of France, where Mosalini has resided since 1977.

Mosalini and his Grand Orchestre de Tango continue to tour and please audiences around the world. If you have the opportunity to see them, don't miss it.

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