Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gary Burton: Piazzolla Reunion

In May of 2009, this blog featured two reunion performances of Gary Burton with three members of Piazzolla's quintets: one from Rosario and one from Buenos Aires. The second of the videos was removed because of copyright concerns and that same fate may well befall today's featured video so enjoy it for free while you can and then go buy the DVD, Gary Burton: Piazzolla Reunion, so you can enjoy the whole concert. The DVD was issued in June of this year but received very little publicity. I only learned of it through this posting on YouTube. Hopefully, the producers of the video will recognize the value of the publicity they are receiving and leave it posted for a while.

The featured video includes performances of Buenos Aires Hora Cero and Escualo. Both are superb performances by Burton on vibraphone, three quintet members - Pablo Ziegler on piano, Héctor Console on bass, and Fernando Suárez Paz on violín - along with Ricardo Lew on guitar and Marcelo Nisinman on bandoneón.

Wonderful music.

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