Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Libertango - Jazz Trio

Today's video is not a jazz trio playing Libertango as the title suggests, it is actually a trio of jazz performances - each different, each interesting.

The first is by the Joel Tortul Trio from Argentina. Tortul is very creative, driving pianist who backs off just enough once in a while to ease the tension. Supported by sidemen Diego Ferreyra on contrabass and Pablo Rodriguez on percussion, his jazz is on the hot side but retains a thread of tango. If you enjoy their music, the trio has a new CD, Punta Vivo and you can find more of their music on elsuricataful's YouTube channel.

The second is by the Eriko Hagiwara Quintet from Japan. Their jazz is far cooler than that of Tortul, almost mellow except for a few bursts of energy here and there to lift the crowd from their revery. That is Eriko Hagiwara, a master of syncopation, on the piano (she also does vocals but not on this video). She is a gifted jazz pianist. She is joined by Haruna Fukazawa on flute, Yohta Syohji on guitar, Mikami Yoshimi on bass and Kawano Naohiro on drums. I believe the performance is from an August 30, 2010 appearance at the Satin Doll in the Roppongi district of Tokyo but it would be welcomed at any jazz club anywhere in the world - these guys are good.

The third is by the Mala Junta Trio, regulars at the Harlem Jazz Club in Barcelona but found here busking in Parc Güell. The bass guitar player has some technical problems with his instrument but even without the bass in the early part of the video, it is clear that we have a third contrasting jazz style. These young musicians, all originally from Argentina, play swing jazz with a tinge of Gypsy in the swing. The musicians are Germán Prieto and Lucas Turquié on guitars and Roy Apartin on bass. Do a search for Mala Junta on YouTube and you will find some wonderful examples of this swing jazz trio. They have a CD on the way - I hope they get international distribution and don't just sell it in the park.

Do you want to pick a favorite?

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  1. of course i don't mind you linking my video, thanks for asking though! ^.^
    really liked the japanese group too btw