Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bordel 1900 - Randall Family Reunion

Most of the 350 or so performances shared in this blog have been polished performances in clubs or concert halls but a few have been on the street, or in a park or in a home. There is a refreshing reality to such performances that remind us that Piazzolla's music is not just for the musical elite. Some of my favorites feature Piazzolla in a simple family setting - ordinary people enjoying the music of our favorite composer in their own surroundings. Today's video falls in that category: we are at the Randall family reunion.

The music is Bordel 1900, the first movement of the Histoire du tango. The Histoire series was composed in 1985 and dedicated to the Belgian flute player, Marc Grauwels, who premiered them. Bordel 1900 is one of the most popular of the series and is consistently in the top ten most frequently performed Piazzolla compositions.It is played by a father, filmed by his daughter, enjoyed by his mother and a dozen or so other Randall family members and the family cat, Monster. The American flag waves outside the door. The comments are touching. The flute playing is quite good. The guitar accompaniment comes from the portable CD player probably playing this CD.

Mr. Randall mentions that he recently played this piece in an audition for a position in a symphony. If he played as well there as he does for his mother here in this video, I suspect he got the job.

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