Saturday, April 25, 2009

Orquesta Tipica El Afronte - Libertango

It is back to the good old days in this fun video of the street tango group, El Afronte, playing a wonderful orquesta tipica version of Libertango. I thought at first that I had stumbled upon a mislabeled performance of La Yumba but these excellent young musicians know exactly what they are doing and, I bet, draw a crowd whenever they appear on the streets of San Telmo and there are a number of YouTube videos that suggest they have been there more than once. But, surely with a great sound like this, they are a club band.

Their website is under construction, but you might enjoy meeting the El Afronte musicians and hear some really fine tango - old and new - in this extended video from the Maldita Milonga. About 22 minutes into this video, there is a stage performance of Libertango which is even better than today's video. Or, you can enjoy more of their music from their CD, Tango Al Palo.

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  1. El Afronte play regularly in San Telmo on a Sunday afternoon in a street market, I came across them by accident and was spellbound. They regularly play in clubs. In the club I saw them in later that same week the dancers stopped and sat and listened to them, they are very very good.