Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lorena Eckell

Lorena Eckell has been recognized for some time as one of Latin America's premier pianists. Her reputation is beginning to spread worldwide and as her reputation spreads, so will the appreciation for Piazzolla's music since she is becoming a leading exporter of his music. Today's video is an example. Ms. Eckell was invited to Ploieşti, Romania for the World Premiere of Marius Herea´s Concertino for Piano & Orchestra and while she was there she performed Piazzolla's "Four Seasons" with Ovidu Balan and the Ploieşti Symphony Orchestra. I have included their performance of Verano Porteño below but, from the same concert you can also view Otoño Porteño, Invierno Porteño, Primavera Porteña and her solo piano encore version of Adios Nonino. I believe, but am not sure, that the orchestral arrangements are those of José Bragato.

The performances are enjoyable. The good chemistry between Eckell and Balan is evident. A reader has pointed out that my original version of this blog was perhaps a bit too harsh toward the orchestra. That reader has a good point. Piazzolla's music is relatively new to Romania although it should find a welcoming home there since Romania is the only Latin country in Eastern Europe, surrounded by Slavs. It was the orchestra's first performance of a Piazzolla piece and the first Piazzolla that the talented Mr. Balan has conducted. And, they had that important world premiere to prepare for in addition to the challenges of Piazzolla. I do thank the reader for the additional information and background. I hope Piazzolla will flourish in Romania.

If the video does not appear below, click here.

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