Monday, March 2, 2009

Where In The World Is Astor Piazzolla

I just posted the February summary of Piazzolla videos on the Piazzolla Video website. Included in that summary is an item on the source of videos featuring live performances of Piazzolla's works. The breadth of interest in Piazzolla's music is greater than perhaps many suspect. The videos came from 42 different countries but 10 countries accounted for 80% of the posted videos. Those ten are listed below with the number of videos from each country noted in parenthesis:

1. Argentina (41)
2. Italy (32)
3. Brazil (23)
4. Russia (22)
5. Spain (21)
6. France (16)
7. USA (16)
8. Germany (10)
9. Finland (6)
10. South Korea (6)

Do any of these surprise you?

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