Thursday, July 7, 2011

Los Pàjaros Perdidos - Patty Trossèl

Maybe the title should be Los Pàjaros Perdidos - La Pat? I am not sure, the hat confuses me. The voice sounds like Patty Trossèl but the hat reminds me of La Pat. Regardless, she sings a wonderful version of Los Pàjaros Perdidos in today's featured video. Accompanying her on piano is the very able Dutch musician, Bert van den Brink.

Wikipedia says that Patty Trossèl has a range of four octaves, possibly true, but it is the bottom two octaves which gives her a rich contralto perfect for the canción of Piazzolla. Like Milva, Amelita Baltar and Roxana Fontán, she has a touch of huskiness in her delivery that hints of cabaret and late nights and experiences on the dark side of life. That matches rather well the character of La Pat, the persona adopted by Ms. Trossèl throughout her early career. It also matches rather well with the character of most of Piazzolla's canción. With a voice which is such a perfect match for Piazzolla's songs, it is surprising that it has taken nearly 30 years for her to begin including works by Piazzolla in her performances - but better now than never. She has never recorded Piazzolla and to my knowledge, only began including Piazzolla in concert appearances in 2009 when Balada para un loco became part of her stage repertoire - fortunately viewable on YouTube at 4'40" into this video. She is making up for lost time by including three Piazzolla numbers in her current show - not only Balada para un loco and today's featured Los Pàjaros Perdidos but also Che Tango Che. The current stage performance also includes a wonderful piece composed by Trossèl, Ich suche deine Sterne, and some beautifully sung works by Gabriel Fauré. You can see them all on Trossèl's YouTube Channel.

The featured work, Los Pàjaros Perdidos, was composed in 1973 and the lyrics are by Argentine poet, Mario Trejo, not by Horacio Ferrer as many assume. Trejo also provided the lyrics for one other lesser known Piazzolla canción, Violetas populares. It was first recorded by Piazzolla in 1975 on the Trova LP, Balada para un loco, with José Angel Trelles as vocalist. That album is very rare but fortunately is available in a reissue titled Piazzolla & José Angel Trelles.

I must admit that I was not a fan of La Pat when she was at the peak of her fame in the 1980's, but as today's Patty Trossèl, I am a huge fan and hope that she will soon devote some recording time to the music of Piazzolla.

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