Friday, July 22, 2011

Libertango - F & F Project

The title in today's video says it is Libertango, Piazzolla's most often played melody but to my ears it sounds like Oh! Susana, Stephen Foster's most often played melody or maybe Felix Mendelssohn's Hebrides Overture. It could be anything, really. When you deconstruct music as far as F & F Project do, everything descends to a primordial, atomic level where discernment of simple things like melody and rhythm are simply not possible. Their deconstructed, "experimental version" of Libertango is surprisingly similar to the "Stoner Version" of Libertango which I claimed in a blog earlier this year to be the worst Piazzolla I had ever heard. (Interestingly, I have had more comments on that blog than on any I have written).

F & F Project is Hector Fiore and Omar Farías. Farias provides percussion. Fiore, a flute player by training, plays a Yamaha wind MIDI controller in this video and, I believe, does the computer work and arranging of their works. In the world of electronic music, these gentlemen are relative stars who have performed around the world and whose creations are played by other electronica musicians.

F & F first performed Libertango as part of their work, Popurrí, in 2001. A later version was used as a dance score in a 2009 YouTube Video. I have not heard the 2001 version but the 2009 version still retained the essence of Libertango which was successfully eliminated in today's video.

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