Friday, June 26, 2009

Oblivion - Roxana Fontán

A superb vocal by Roxana Fontán and a solid quintet led by Julián Hermida make this one of the best performances of Oblivion since Milva and Piazzolla set the standard in this classic performance. I find limited information about Ms. Fontán which surprises me because she is a remarkable talent. She recorded a CD in 1999, then took a career break for her family. She returned to tour in the Tango X 2 production, appear in Carlos Saura’s Tango and in 2007, to tour with her own show, Fontango. She has made several videos with Hermida's quintet - I particularly recommend the performance of Los Pájaros Perdidos where she appears to be channeling a young Amelita Baltar.

Oblivion originated as music for the movie Enrico IV. You can hear the movie version at the three minute mark of this video. The original was an instrumental but a variety of lyrics have been written subsequently for the piece and I have not been able to unravel the source of Ms. Fontán's lyrics. The Milva/Piazzolla CD, Live at the Bouffes Du Nord, credits the lyrics to Angela Denia Tarenzi, Simonluca and David McNeil. There are however enough complications in that simple list to occupy a scholar for several weeks so I will leave the topic and perhaps return to it on another day.

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