Sunday, July 4, 2010

Libertango - the Kannel Version

It is quite a journey from a bandoneón in an Italian recording studio to seventeen Kannels in Estonia but Libertango has, inexplicably, made that journey. Adding to the growing set of videos of Libertango played on unexpected instruments comes today's video by Sotto Voce, a student ensemble of Kannel players in Estonia led, in this video, by Ruth Kuhi.

The Kannel is an Estonian member of the family of Baltic psalteries. Closely related to the Finnish Kantele, it is a member of the zither family of instruments (characterized as stringed instruments in which the strings do not extend beyond the sounding box). Originally a small, diatonic instrument with 5 to 6 stings, modern interpretations feature 30 or more strings as seen in today's video. While it is a bit difficult to really see the instruments in the video, a better view is afforded in this solo performance.

The group brings an interesting sound to Libertango. You can hear them play a number of other works at the SottoVoceOrkester's YouTube channel. One of my favorites is Polska a-moll.

If the video does not appear below, click here.

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