Monday, July 19, 2010

Adios Nonino - Distasio and Schneider

In the late 1980's, Ruben Distasio and Arturo Schneider were important figures in the Argentine jazz world. Distasio is a pianist; Schneider plays both flute and saxophone. As a duo, they covered both jazz and tango standards. You can find their work from that period on boladoz's YouTube channel. It still sounds fresh after twenty years. They attracted enough interest that they toured Japan and brought with them bandoneonist Pablo Greco, guitarist Esteban Morgado and bassist, Mariano Tito. Today's video captures that group playing Adios Nonino at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo in 1989.

The arrangement is by Distasio and his jazz roots show in the extended piano introduction which is quite nice. But the musician that brought this video to Piazzolla on Video is Arturo Schneider. Schneider was a colleague, perhaps friend, of Piazzolla and was a musician he trusted and sought out when he needed a flute player or a saxophone player. He was present in the orchestra at the opening of the operita, Maria de Buenos Aires. He was in the ensemble that recorded the music for the animated feature, Pulsacion. When Piazzolla expanded his quintet to an octet, Schneider was one of the musicians he added. While Piazzolla is not present in this video, you will get a chance to hear one of Piazzolla's musicians interpret his music on the flute.

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