Saturday, July 17, 2010

Alguien le dice al tango - Susana Rinaldi

Today's video is unlisted - an exclusive for Piazzolla on Video courtesy of Feminale Films. It features Susana Rinaldi singing the Piazzolla/Borges canción, Alguien le dice al tango in a most unusual setting: a Synagogue in the Belgrano barrio of Buenos Aires. While Buenos Aires has one of the largest Jewish populations of any city outside of Israel, concerts featuring tango music in a Synagogue are unusual - in fact, this concert was billed as the "first tango concert in a Synagogue."

Ms. Rinaldi here is backed by the tango septet, Inspiración, which includes Andrés Linetzky on piano, Ignacio Varchausky on contrabass, Luciano Jungman and Rubén Sloninsky on bandoneon, Daniela Shuster on cello, and Alejandro Schaikis and Adolfo Halsband on violin. Inspiración was described as the "first Argentine Jewish tango orchestra" and made their debut at the Teatro Cervantes just eight months before today's featured video was made in a concert sponsored by, among others, Ms. Rinaldi.

Alguien le dice al tango is the product of Piazzolla's 1965 collaboration with poet, Jorge Luis Borges, and originally appeared on the El Tango recording sung by Edmundo Rivero. The poem/lyrics can be found here.

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