Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Silvana Deluigi - Balada Para Un Loco

Many a singer's ship has sunk on Balada para un loco. It's more than a song, it's a performance and like any performance, the audience needs to be captured and made to believe that they are part of an altered reality. Silvana Deluigi does this better than anyone since Amelita Baltar who introduced the song to the world in 1969 in Luna Park. There have been nearly 80 performances of Balada para un loco on YouTube in 2009. Most of the singers should be embarrassed by their performance - they are either emotionally vapid or totally manic. Very, very few manage to capture the "loco" spirit and give an uninhibited, believable performance and even fewer of those manage to hit all the notes on pitch. Ms. Deluigi shows them all how it should be done in today's video. There is a fine combo backing her but it is Ms. Deluigi's show all the way.

Silvana Deluigi was not known to me before this video but I intend to become much more familiar with her work. She was born in Argentina and studied classical singing in Buenos Aires before moving to Paris to study acting. It was not until she was 28 that she began to seriously sing tango. She performed in Paris with the group Tango 676 and released several CD's including Loca and Live con 676 Tango. She has released a new CD this year, Yo!,produced by Kip Hanrahan, which has received positive reviews. I think we will see more of her in the future - at least I hope so.

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