Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Piano Tuner

The caption with the video reads, "questo pezzo mi ha cambiato la vita..." = "this piece changed my life." The piece is Libertango and although I do not understand the context of that caption, I can vouch for the fact that a Piazzolla piece can change your life. You wouldn't be reading this otherwise.

At first glance, the story behind this video seems simple. The key slip and music shelf leaning on the wall behind the pianist and the tuning wrench still in the piano both suggest this piano is in the process of being tuned. Most tuners have a favorite tune they run through the piano before announcing the job is complete. This tuner's favorite appears to be Libertango and he does play a nice version that covers most of the piano. At the end, he seems a little worried about that low "A" - perhaps just a little off?

But I wonder if there is more? The title suggests the tuner and pianist is named Antonio Granozio. The person posting the video is Mario Granozio - a brother perhaps? Is it Mario's piano or did he just join his brother for a visit to a client and video the finale of the tuning process? And who's life changed - Antonio's or Mario's? And then there is the mysterious comment added to the video by Mario one day later, "è indubbio che la classe non è acqua e la semplicita' fa è arte." The web translations of this don't make sense - I need help from an Italian friend.

While I am looking for that friend, please click here if the video does not appear below.

To learn more about Piazzolla videos, visit the Piazzolla Video site.

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