Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Piazzolla's Got Talent - Two

Unlikely as it may be, the business acumen of Simon Cowell has pulled Piazzolla into the spotlight once again. This time on the show Talento Argentino - another of Cowell's franchise of XXX's Got Talent series. In a recent blog posting we saw the winner of Poland's Got Talent play Libertango on the accordion. In today's featured video we see three young guitarists playing an original arrangement of Adios Nonino. At the center of the trio is the featured guitarist Leonardo Andersen, to his right is Diego Romero and to his left is Benjamin Ciprian.

The career path of a musician is difficult at best. My experience suggests that musicians are happier than most people but that their happiness does not come from material rewards - many struggle to have their talents recognized and to be compensated in a way that keeps food on the table and petrol in the tank. Got Talent may not be high culture, but it is providing many young artists around the world an opportunity to be noticed.

Although Ciprian is a new name to my small world of Piazzolla Videos, Andersen and Romero are not totally unknown - I have watched their earlier YouTube performances of Libertango and La bicicleta blanca but did not appreciate their talents until viewing today's featured video. The trio's performance of Adios Nonino is balanced, coordinated and respectful of the original. In a non-Piazzolla video, Andersen shows his considerable jazz improvisation skills in a vignette with the remarkable guitarist/singer, Nahuel Pennisi (this is a link to a video which is worth watching).

It is a tortuous path to the winning spot in Talento Argentino but Leo and his friends may be on their way (with a little help from Piazzola). I hope we see more of these guitarists.

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