Thursday, September 17, 2009

Libertango by Fanfare-Piston

Planning a village feast? Call to arrange for the world's fastest land-based brass band to provide entertainment. That band, Fanfare-Piston, was once the highest playing brass band in the world but apparently, no longer claim that title. In today's featured video, they claim the title of the band with the most wet feet to play Libertango.

This is no upstart band. They have been in existence for 35 years with an ever changing membership drawn from the students of l'Ecole Centrale de Lyon. Well traveled and sometimes rehearsed, the band has a repertoire which, in addition to Libertango, includes Latin classics such as Besame Mucho and Oye Como Va. Rumor has it that the band is working to complete their Latin set with an arrangement which combines, contrapuntally, Tangazo and Mambo Number 5. I have already sent a note to my Village council to hire them for our next feast.

And please, someone get the trombonist a tripod for his video camera.

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