Saturday, September 19, 2009

Five Last Notes

It's a problem. What do you do when you run out of instrument and need five more notes to get back to the root? You'll have to wait until the last five notes of today's video to see how guitarist, Renato Anesi, resolves the problem. Not that the wait will seem so long because there is a lot of nice, creative music to listen to which starts with a flamenco style credenza for Adios Nonino, flows through a creative interpretation of that song and exits through a relaxed and happy Decarissimo.

Mr. Anesi is a new artist to me and perhaps to you. He deserves a much broader audience. Self-described as a multi-instrumentalist, he is certainly that, but there is more. He is also a luthier and has built many of his own instruments and a composer with a film score to his credit. While I admire the creativity and fluidity found is his playing of Piazzolla's works, I find that I enjoy even more the pieces that Anesi himself has composed. In the same way that Piazzolla extended the Argentine tango genome into his music, Anesi incorporates but does not duplicate the genome of Brazilian rhythm into his music. It is a unique and very satisfying sound. You can find four of his works on his MySpace page and even more on his CD's Rosa Dos Tempos and 10 Anos Depois.

You can also follow Anesi's current activities on the blog, Guariroba, which today picked up a new follower.

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  1. Hello Don, i would like to thank you a lot for all you told about my works, i hope we can meet each other some time to say it and play other pieces that i think you would like to listen alive!!!
    all the best for you!!!
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