Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Grupo Del Sur - Milonga Del Ángel

Many of the groups featured in this blog have made some compromises to perform Piazzolla's music. They have adapted the music to the instrumentation available, or simplified the music to match skills, or rearranged the music to achieve a new and different sound. But there are some who choose to preserve Piazzolla's full intent and perform the music as Piazzolla himself performed it. I particularly enjoy such performances and am always excited to find a new group with that ambition.

Grupo Del Sur is such a group. They are formatted as a Piazzolla quintet: Pieter van Dijck on bandoneon, Anne-Marie van de Grint on violin, Paul Hagenaars on electric guitar, Hetty Sponselee on piano and Marc van Rooij on contrabass and play, or appear to play, the original Piazzolla arrangements. If you review their biographical data you will note that they are all highly trained musicians but flexible in their musical tastes including jazz, classical and show tunes in their performance skills. A common interest appears to be the music of Piazzolla. The piece they have posted is Milonga del angel - not an easy choice if you want to sound like Piazzolla because it is a very delicate and nuanced piece. It requires touch and great sensitivity on the part of the musicians. Grupo does an excellent job. I enjoyed their performance and look forward to many more videos, and perhaps a CD or DVD, from this fine group.

If the video does not appear below, click here.

If you are curious as to how this compares to a Piazzolla original, you can click here.

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