Friday, August 28, 2009

Rock Opera

I interrupt this blog for a special broadcast:

If you are reading this in Facebook, you will have to view this interruption by clicking here to see Dario Schmunck, an Argentine tenor, singing Salut demeure from Gounod's Faust.

With that image in mind, the blog returns to the Argentine rock group, Targo and their performance of Libertango which is featured today. As the video opened, I expected the standard rock band version of Libertango and I got it until the vocalist opened his mouth. As you no doubt have surmised by now, the vocalist is Dario Schmunck. The result is an unexpected mix of rock and opera. Targo seems to be making a habit of creating the unexpected mix - their (yet to be released?) album Argentino contains collaborations with former Piazzolla vocalist, Raúl Lavié (singing Por una cabeza) and Carla Pugliese (granddaughter of the Osvaldo Pugliese, a recent subject in this blog).

My brain still has not overcome the Rock Opera disconnect, but it does look like they are having fun.

If the video does not appear below, click here.

To learn more about Piazzolla videos, visit the Piazzolla Video site.

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  1. Hey Don, Thank you very much for uploading us to your blog. It is nice to know that what we´re doing touches someone who is thousands miles of distance.

    My name is Alexis,i´m the drummer for the band, and I´m excited about this post. If that´s ok with you, I´ll be sharing this at our fans page in Facebook as well as our user.

    About the album, we´re on the proccess of re-mixing it (some stuff that we weren´t able to hear at the first glance), but once that this is finished I can send you a copy of it or at least upload you a few tracks, so you can hear the band at its maximum potential.

    We´re very excited about this because this is a band that we think as an unique group, and with lot of potential international projection, because we think that tango should be an international genre. So, anything that helps us to keep growing all around the world means a lot to us.

    I would like to keep the feedback, I didn´t know aboutthis site and I took a quick view and found some awesome material, so I´ll be checking very frequently.

    Again, thank you very much (You have my e-mail on the URL field if you want to keep the feedback, or at least tell me if we are allowed to share this post on Facebook).

    Kind Regards,