Monday, August 17, 2009

A Fair Share For The Accordion

If anyone is counting, they will recognize that this blog under reports accordion performances. Last month, more than 20% of the Libertango performances featured the accordion. Last month, this blog featured zero of those performances. It is time to correct that oversight with a just-for-fun version of Libertango by accordion duo Pino and Gianni. Highlights include a turquoise flowered shirt and flashing LED's for Pino and matching turquoise shoes for Gianni. Don't miss the ending. These guys have fun.

As usual, there is a bit more to the story. Pino is Pino Di Modugno, a concert accordionist with some of the fastest fingers on the planet and a half dozen records to his credit (some tunes available for download on If you are Italian, you will probably recognize Gianni but perhaps not with an accordion in his hands. He is Gianni Ciardo, a well know Italian actor who took time off from a busy television and movie-making schedule to make this video.

Score one for the accordions.

If the video does not appear below, click here.

To learn more about Piazzolla videos, visit the Piazzolla Video site.

OK - just one. No one reads this far anyway. A local lady being driven crazy by her husband playing Libertango endlessly on his accordion sneaked the instrument into the backseat of her car. She drove the car to the corner of 4th and Lincoln, a crime ridden part of town, and left the car unlocked - fully confidant that the accursed accordion would be stolen by the time she finished her cup of coffee at a nearby McDonald's. Returning in about an hour she was dismayed to find three accordions and a banjo in the backseat.

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