Thursday, August 27, 2009

Libertango - A House Music Version

Classical, jazz and pop versions of Libertango have been featured in this blog. Today, we add to that list of Libertango genre with Johnwaynes' electronic dance version - more exactly, it is a "house music" version.

Johnwaynes are two DJ's, Jepe and MrBeat, from the northern part of Portugal. They are masters of the mix. If you are not familiar with this form of music, it involves interminably long stretches of music with a mesmerizing, steady and thumping beat enjoyed by large, pulsing crowds of people (sometimes chemically enhanced) in large strobe-lit rooms. The DJ's sit above the fray and mix song A and song B (while keeping the steady beat) and occasionally adding their own musical touch via a variety of sound generating gear. There is an art to the mix and an art to generating the songs in the mix. Jepe and MrBeat have created a new version of Libertango with some new core music created by four clarinets and an accordion. Into that they have blended a computer created bass beat and who-knows-what other bits of music from Jepe's collection. What you see in today's video is the short, MTV type version. There is also a radio play version and most importantly for DJ's and house dancers, eighteen minutes of Libertango on a 12" vinyl LP including a reprise and remix by the famous French electronic dance producer, Ludovic Llorca.

If you want to see a little Libertango house dancing in situ, you can attend the video clip release party here.

If the video does not appear below, click here.

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