Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An Unusual Dance Video

It is not unusual for Piazzolla's music to be used in a Dance Video - there were 23 such videos posted on YouTube in January, 2009. Those videos are almost invariably associated with the tango ranging from clumsy amateurs to the theatrical tango shows but an unusual dance video was posted recently. The video features classical ballet movements done to the music of Adios nonino. The music sounds live rather than recorded and is a very nice guitar and violin duet. I am no judge of ballet but they look good to me. It certainly deserves more than the 7 views the video has so far.

The video was posted from Poland. Here it is:


  1. It is unfortunate that Piazzolla's music is being used for dancing, not what the composer had intended. But I like your analysis so keep up the good work. You should also do reviews of artists performing Piazzolla's music.

  2. Pedro,

    Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, this video has been removed from YouTube. I don't know why.

    I am sure you are correct in saying that Piazzolla did conceive Adios Nonino for the dance but that is not always the case. Piazzolla did compose some music specifically for the ballet just he composed music specifically for movies and plays.


  3. It is unfortunate that the ballet video was removed but there is another classical ballet which could replace it. I do not find the choreography or the quality of the dance quite as good as the missing Polish video but it is clearly classical ballet, not tango. You will find the music also interesting - Adios nonino, played by a quartet consisting of three balalaikas and an accordion. The link to the video is: