Saturday, February 14, 2009

Quinteto Persch

After listening to countless renditions of Libertango played on mother-of-pearl encrusted accordions, it seemed unlikely to me that I would ever find a performance of a Piazzolla work on accordion that I would enjoy. But that was before I discovered Quinteto Persch. This group, led by Brazilian music professor Adriano Persch, is serious about their music. No mother-of-pearl in sight. Their repertoire ranges from Bach to Verdi but Piazzolla compositions are more highly represented than those of any other composer. Their performance of La Muerte del Angel, posted below is our first opportunity to see them perform Piazzolla "live" (there is an earlier posting of them performing Calambre but it is just audio with a photo montage in the video portion). The canonical opening of La Muerte shows them to be disciplined musicians and the precision shown throughout the piece further shows them to be well rehearsed and sensitive as ensemble players. I am anxious to see more of their Piazzolla repertoire.

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