Monday, December 13, 2010

Michelangelo 70 - Trivella Piano Duo

Perhaps there is a touch on the sustain pedal somewhere in this 4-hands-1-piano rendition of Michelangelo 70 by twin brothers, Davide and Daniele Trivella, but it eludes my ears. This is some of the most precise and well synchronized keyboard work you will ever see. Rarely is key release managed as well as it is here by the Trivellas and the result is an energetic and driving version of Michelangelo 70 which makes most other readings of the piece sound almost casual in comparison.

Michelangelo 70 is particularly popular with jazz artists and just misses making the list of the twenty most frequently played Piazzolla compositions. It was written in 1969 or 70 to honor the move of a favorite performance venue, the Michelangelo, to a new location in San Telmo. You can watch Piazzolla and his quintet perform the piece in this video. One might argue that the Ziegler/Ax duo piano version found on the CD, Los Tangueros is closer to the original but I believe the Trivella duo arrangement is more appropriate for piano.

As much as I enjoyed the video, I would have enjoyed it even more if the video editor had been more sparing with the video effects - they detract from the music. Fortunately, you can enjoy the music without the video by buying their CD, One and One - Are One.

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