Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fuga y Misterio - Branford Marsalis & Pablo Ziegler

There is no more famous family in the jazz world than the Marsalis family: father Ellis and sons Branford, Wynton, Delfeayo and Jason. They released a new family album in 2010, Music Redeems. It's full of great music and the proceeds from sales of the album go to support their music education foundation which is part of the New Orleans Musicians' Village. With that public service announcement taken care of, we turn to today's video in which brother Branford brings his saxophones and joins Pablo Ziegler's quartet on stage at New York's Jazz Standard club for some Piazzolla in the jazz mode. Fortunately for us crmusica was there to capture it on video.

The work they cover is Fuga y misterio, one of the instrumental interludes from Piazzolla's operita Maria de Buenos Aires. Ziegler is there with his current quartet: Claudio Ragazzi on guitar, Hector DelCurto on bandoneĆ³n, and Pedro Giraudo on bass. This quartet has been reviewed before in this blog and they are worth reviewing again but it is Branford Marsalis that makes today's video special. Marsalis joins them first with his tenor sax and then switches mid-piece to the soprano sax. We are treated to solos on both instruments. Ziegler has no doubt played the piece hundreds of times but his sound is still fresh and creative. I supposed that Marsalis was new to the piece - you may note he is checking music or charts as he proceeds. But, I was wrong. Ziegler and Marsalis visited Fuga y misterio together at least once before in 2005 at a gala for the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. I suspect that encounter was the direct precursor to the meeting in this video which happened only about two weeks ago.

Ziegler will never qualify for membership in the Marsalis family but the Ziegler-Marsalis duo certainly qualifies for more Piazzolla together. Wouldn't it be interesting if Branford brought his brothers along for the gig?

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