Friday, May 14, 2010


No question that TANGO FATAL is good. These five young women are among the best creators of tango music I have heard. But there are questions. Which of the two recently posted videos should I feature in the blog - Vuelvo al sur or Jacinto chiclana? Which do I prefer: the vocal work of Sandra Cartolari or the fine instrumental work of Alessandra Fogliani on piano, Anna Palumbo on accordion, Elena Luppi on viola and Michela Tintoni on violin? Fortunately, the rules of this blog allow the answer to be "both." You will find both videos below.

Much of the music of tango canción is rooted in sorrow and Ms. Cartolari is one of the vocalists who can bend the micropitch in a way that goes straight to the part of your brain that feels sorrow. Her phrasing, her perfect pitch and the well calibrated vibrato make her a good singer but it is the emotion in the delivery that makes her a great singer. Few are better. Her role is further strengthened by the quality of the musicians in the group. A light touch on the piano, just the right rubato from the accordion and well matched strings with a sweet sound create a rewarding tango experience. You will also note that in Jacinto chiclana, Ms. Palumbo leaves her accordion and provides a well chosen percussion pattern for the group.

They have some other videos that are worth your time: an original, award winning composition of theirs, La voz and a "highlights" video featuring excerpts from a number of Piazzolla compositions.

If the videos do not appear below, click here for Vuelvo al sur and here for Jacinto chiclana.

To learn more about Piazzolla videos, visit the Piazzolla Video site.

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