Saturday, May 29, 2010

Armaguedon - Beginning and Ending

Creative. Brilliant. Significant. I am almost left speechless by the music of François Salque (cello), Vincent Peirani (accordion), and Samuel Strouk (guitar) in today's video. The work opens and ends with music Piazzolla created for the movie Armaguedon but the opening credits composition to A. Piazzolla/V. Peirani/J. Mienniel. Piazzolla's music departs at about 2'30" and some of it returns approximately three and a half minutes later but there is genius in the music the whole piece. Peirani and Mienniel have achieved something difficult - they have improved Piazzolla's music.

The music for the movie was interesting enough to be issued as an LP in 1977, a CD in 1992 and reissued recently as a remastered LP. It is really a collection of musical fragments collected directly from the sound track - some less than thirty seconds in length. Today's video starts with the theme known as Devant la glace on the original sound track then moves to an allegro which I believe is unrelated to Piazzolla and involves, I would guess, a fair amount of practiced improvisation (by that I mean it is not scored but it's a musical neighborhood they have visited before) around music composed by Peirani and/or Mienniel and the piece closes with a return to something similar to the somber sound of Devant la glace theme but probably inspired more than composed by Piazzolla. It is extremely well put together and the musicians are superb. This work is much more satisfying than anything in the original soundtrack and certainly deserves broad listening. The video comes from a live concert in March of this year. I hope the music finds its way to a recording.

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