Thursday, October 8, 2009

Invierno Porteño - KU Classic Guitar Club

This is one of the larger and more disciplined guitar consorts I have seen. It is not an easy task for a group this large to play together without the sharp edge of attack being lost to hundreds of fingers moving not quite together. The group, all members of the Korea University Classic Guitar Club, shows discipline and great attention to their director in this performance of Invierno Porteño, the winter portion of Piazzolla's four seasons. The result provides very good listening. There are some other very good performances of Piazzolla by members of this club: a fun jazz trio version of Libertango and an impeccable classical version of Café 1930 for guitar and flute as originally scored by Piazzolla.

There are some very talented musicians in this club. Interestingly, as far as I can tell, Korea University does not have a school of music so these are students studying science, engineering or liberal arts - not music. Their talents are a tribute to the value for music instilled by families in Korea.

A thank you to the Conductor, 박승호, and to all 26 of the students for the beautiful music.

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