Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gracias a La Vida

Another chapter in Argentine music closed on Monday when Mercedes Sosa was buried. Thousands joined the funeral procession to La Chacarita cemetery - the same cemetary that contains the grave of Carlos Gardel. Like Piazzolla and Gardel, Ms. Sosa transcended Argentina and became famous all over the world. Piazzolla certainly knew her music. Natalio Gorin quotes Piazzolla in his book, Astor Piazzolla: A Memoir, "In the past twenty years two artists have represented Argentine music around the world: Astor Piazzolla and Mercedes Sosa. The truth is in the bins at the record stores." But to my knowledge, their paths never crossed other than in those record bins. Sosa singing Piazzolla would be appropriate for today, but if it exists, I can't find it (oops, see note below). As a more than suitable replacement, we will feature what is perhaps Ms. Sosa's most famous song - Gracias a la vida - "Thanks to life."

Note: An alert reader has noted that Ms. Sosa did perform Vuelvo al sur. You can see a recent version here and an early version here. Thanks, Pedro.

If the video does not appear below, click here.

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