Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Violentango - Burton and Corea

Gary Burton has appeared in this blog several times - first in a "reunion" concert in Rosario, then in a "reunion" concert in Buenos Aires and most recently in an early appearance in Ravenna with Piazzolla. At the risk of going into Burton overload, I am going to feature one more Burton video. This one is with his frequent performance partner, Chick Corea, on piano. The piece they perform is Violentango which Piazzolla first recorded in 1974 with studio musicians in a commercially oriented recording titled Libertango (caution, there are many Piazzolla CD's titled Libertango - the linked album is the original). It was recorded a second time in 1977 on the relatively rare recording, Olympia 77, with the electronic octet but, to my knowledge, was never recorded or played in quintet form by Piazzolla.

Violentango lends itself well to a jazz treatment and Burton and Corea and six other fine jazz musicians provide a spirited and highly improvisational version of it here. Daniel Freitas, who posted this video, is an admirer of Burton and a vibraphone student himself. He identifies two of the other musicians as Danilo Perez on piano and Raul Luzzi on guitar. Some of the other four musicians involved look familiar but I don't know my jazz musicians well enough to identify them. Perhaps a reader will step forward and help.

Burton and Corea are touring together as this is being written and Daniel has tickets to see them on Friday. Enjoy the concert for us, Daniel!

If the video does not appear below, click here.

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  1. I see Daniel Piazzolla and Julio Pane on bandoneon. There is a recording of this concert but it is hard to find.