Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Metropolitan Museum of Piazzolla Video

Here's the fact: HAranquiz has posted more than 1200 tango videos on YouTube, many of them of historic interest, many of them related to Piazzolla.

Here's the fiction: Wealthy Argentine industrialist, Hugo Aranquiz, has purchased the apartment building at 313 E. 9th Street in New York City which was the boyhood home of Astor Piazzolla and converted it into a museum to house his vast collection of historic tango video. The ground floor houses the museum shop where music and videos are sold. Each of the next four floors are named after a movement in Piazzollla's L'histoire du tango and feature a dozen 102"Samsung HD video monitors playing video from the collection. Sound is provided through wireless headphones which capture the sound of the video being viewed. The top floor of the museum contains a reconstructed Buenos Aires dance hall and functions as a performance space with concerts offered Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night. Museum director, former New York Times music critic, Dr. Chester Timribber, has announced that the museum's collection of Piazzolla scores will soon be open to the public.

Before you try to visit the museum, I repeat - it is fiction, I made the whole story up. But, wouldn't it be a great idea?

Now, back to facts. HAranquiz has posted a number of Piazzolla videos, most of which are new to YouTube. These videos include:

From the 1989 Amsterdam concert with Sextet

La Yumba
Adios Nonino
Preludio y fuga (new)
Milonga del angel (new)
Buenos Aire hora cero (new)
Luna (new)

From a 1983 concert at Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires:

Adios Nonino (new)

Thanks, Hugo

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