Saturday, June 6, 2009

Three Colleagues

Today's videos - there are three of them - focus on three important colleagues of Piazzolla. The first is Nadia Boulanger. In 1954, Piazzolla traveled to Paris and studied composition under Boulanger, who was then 60 years old. Piazzolla credited her with helping him "find himself" as a composer and remained devoted to her the rest of her life. The video below is the first I have seen of Ms. Boulanger. Perhaps some of you can identify the admirers crowded around Boulanger in the video.

The second video is a reading by Horacio Ferrer at a 2009 seminar on Tango and Society. We have written before about Mr. Ferrer. He was Piazzolla's principal lyricist and responsible for the lyrics to most of Piazzollas cancion works. Ferrer first met Piazzolla in 1955 as Piazzolla was returning to Argentina from his study with Boulanger but they did not become musical collaborators until 1968 with the creation of the operita Maria de Buenos Aires.

The third video is a recent interview with Fernando Suarez Paz who joined forces with Piazzolla as the violinist in the "second quintet" in 1978. In Natalio Gorin's classic, Astor Piazzolla, A Memoir, Piazzolla identifies Suarez Paz as his "number one" violinist. At age 68, Suarez Paz is still an active musician today and can be seen in a number of videos in the blog.

To learn more about Piazzolla videos, visit the Piazzolla Video site.

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