Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stop and Take a Mate

In October, 2011, I wrote that the only commercial Piazzolla ever made was for Royal Command Whiskey. An alert reader, Mauro, has pointed out that I am wrong. Our featured video today shows Piazzolla in a 1967 television commercial sitting at his piano enjoying a mate. We hear him say something like, "El mate es como la vida misma: me sensaciones vitales" which Google translates as "Mate is like life itself: life gives me feelings." Then an announcer comes on to say something like, "Drink life, stop and take a mate."

It appears to be a general advertisement for the mate industry, but was perhaps sponsored by Establecimiento Las Marías, the largest producer of mate in Argentina. Mate has been called the national drink of Argentina but may be unfamiliar to readers living north of the equator. It is an infusion, similar to tea, and can be found today in many North American health food stores and specialty restaurants.

Thanks to Mauro for bringing this video to my attention. If the video does not appear below, click here.

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