Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Libertango - Bagpipe Version

We shall wait a bit longer for the Dixieland jazz version and the Cajun version of Libertango but the long wait for a bagpipe version has been ended with today's video of a performance by Galician piper, Daniel Bellón, with the group BellónMaceiras Quinteto.

If you are expecting Highland Pipes in the video you will be disappointed but bagpipes were in Spain long before they were in Scotland. The earliest drawings which contain bagpipes come, in fact, from the thirteenth century Galician Cantigas de Santa Maria. In Galicia, the pipes are know as gaita and Bellón is one of the young masters of the instrument. The folk fusion music of the BellónMaceiras Quinteto reflects much of the Galician folk music sound which shares Celtic roots with Brittany and Wales although Libertango is not the best choice for finding Celtic roots. If you want to hear more, I suggest you download a copy of their CD, FolkFusion, which does not contain Libertango but does contain some more representative samples of their work.

If the video does not appear below, click here.

Note added 8 October, 2011: There is a second bagpipe version of Libertango created through the magic of multi-tracking by Bulgarian piper, Evtim Ruskov. You will find it here.

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