Saturday, May 7, 2011

See The Light - Verano Porteño

Sometimes it's puppies, sometimes it's an old man smoking a pipe but usually it is paintings of tango dancers or holiday photographs of Buenos Aires. I am talking about the visuals that accompany Piazzolla's music in the 30% of YouTube Piazzolla videos which do not include live musicians. There were roughly 4,300 such videos in the past two years and essentially all of them were ignored by this blog which is focused on live performances. But every once a while, such a video is so striking that it wins a place in this blog. Such is the case for today's video which includes the music of Verano Porteño and the visuals of a custom animation.

The video is titled See the Light. There have been other custom animations on YouTube utilizing Piazzolla's music but this is by far the most imaginative in concept and the most professional in execution of any I have seen. The art work is surrealistic and tells a story rather than appearing to be an scholarly exercise or an experiment. The music complements the art in a way that makes it almost seem like the music was composed for the animation rather than the opposite. The creator of this animation deserves credit and recognition but the only information about the video is in the Korean credits at the end of the video and my Korean friends are, at the moment, unavailable. The only name appearing in western orthography is Lee su Hyeon and the logo of Chosun University appears at the end. It is tempting to speculate that the work is the product of students at Chosun University led by Lee su Hyeon but, rather than speculate, I am hoping that some reader of this blog will provide more information in the form of a comment below.

The YouTube music copyright recognition software has credited the music to Raul Garello's CD, Dancing Tango, but after listening to samples of the cited tune, I am not fully convinced the software has properly identified the source.

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