Friday, February 4, 2011

El Bocha - José Angel Trelles

Like Gilbert and Sullivan, Ferrer and Piazzolla created a set of beloved songs which have moved into the category of "standards." Less remembered is the fact that many of Gilbert and Sullivan's works faded quickly into obscurity at the time they were created only to be resurrected and revered by future generations who were rediscovering the music. One wonders if the same will happen to Ferrer and Piazzolla. Certainly a candidate for future resurrection is today's featured work, El bocha, sung by José Angel Trelles. If you, like me, don't own the CD, Piazzolla-Ferrer: Ineditos, you probably have never heard El bocha even if you are a Piazzolla fan. There is a fragment of El Bocha sung here by a younger Trelles but today's video provides the first time for me to hear the full song. While I am not sure the arrangement here is the best, the piece deserves to be heard more.

I am not sure when El bocha was composed, it is not listed in SACEM, but probably around 1975 when José Angel Trelles first joined Piazzolla's electronic octet as a vocalist. The lyrics created by Horacio Ferrer are available here but the score does not appear to be available. Since only Trelles has recorded the song and I find no traces of anyone else performing the song, the only copy of the score may reside in Trelles' collection of music. Trelles did not sing long with Piazzolla, 1975-76 and again briefly in 1982, but went on to become a major star who has toured the world singing the canciones of tango, including much of the Piazzolla-Ferrer catalog.

There are other relatively rare Piazzolla-Ferrer works which I have never heard on Trelles' Ineditos CD: Final de funcion, Existir, and Pepe Cascabel. Hopefully, these will eventually find their way to YouTube also.

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