Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tom Waits - Astor Piazzolla

I have often wondered if it was possible to bring Tom Waits into a blog about Piazzolla's music. It seemed unlikely but just as fate delivered songs of dubious origin to Waits, YouTube has delivered Nadiamar to Piazzolla on Video. Unlikely as it might seem, Nadiamar has merged the Piazzolla classic, Libertango, with the Tom Waits classic, Temptation for today's video. Isn't creativity amazing?

Admittedly, more than a little Diana Krall influence is apparent in the video but that does not take away one bit from the sultry singing and impressive guitar work of Nadja Kossinkaja. Ms. Kossinkaja is a classically trained guitarist from Kiev, Ukraine who has also studied in Germany and Italy (you can see some of her serious guitar work here being played on a guitar built by Theo Scharpach). The other half of the Nadiamar duo is Matthias Rethmann, a jazz bassist who has served as sideman to a number of jazz greats before forming Nadiamar. Interestingly, if you go to the Musik/Video section of their website, you will find three demo songs: one composed by Tom Waits (Temptation), one composed by Piazzolla (Oblivion) and one composed by J.S. Bach (Air in G). If they add a fourth by Turlough O'Carolan, they will qualify for the Nobel Prize in music.

This duo is very, very good. As far as I can determine, they have no recordings yet and are only beginning to tour but I see a great future for them and look forward to more of their music.

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