Tuesday, April 20, 2010

March 2010 Review of Piazzolla Videos

There were 545 videos of Piazzolla’s music posted on YouTube in the month of March, 2010, an increase of 6% over March, 2009. 399 (73%) of the videos were performance videos featuring live performances. The others were videos which used Piazzolla’s music as a sound track for photo or video montages. I highlighted my journey through these many videos in this blog.

Forty-four percent of the performance videos were in the classical mode, 21% in Nuevo tango, 24% in pop and 11% in jazz.

Here are the most frequently performed pieces this month (Libertango was the most frequently played – 28% of the total; the others follow in order):

1. Libertango
2. Adios Nonino
3. Oblivion
4. Invierno Porteño
5. Otoño Porteño
6. Verano Porteño
7. La Muerte del ángel
8. Primavera Porteña
9. Milonga del ángel
10. Tango suites

The top three on this list seem to be fairly stable month-to-month but the bottom seven change every month. Seventy-one different compositions were covered in the videos this month.

The performance videos came from 42 different countries. Italy posted the most videos: 63. The top ten posting countries are listed in order here:

1. Italy
2. USA
3. Argentina
4. Brazil
5. Japan
6. France
7. Spain
8. Netherlands
9. Germany
10. Russia

There were ten Piazzolla original performances posted. All of them have been previously posted.

Quality of performance varied from excellent to bizarre. My choice for best of the month is the performance of Adios Nonino by Carel Kraayenhof at the February, 2002 wedding of Dutch Prince Willem-Alexander and princess Máxima. While not a new video, it was posted (again) this month and belongs on any Piazzolla best video list.

The choice for most bizarre this month is a video of Libertango being performed at a Templar Knights Festival in Tomar, Portugal - complete with ceremonial flag twirling

I have put a table with links to all 545 videos as well as some more information on the videos on the March, 2010 link in my Piazzolla on Video website.

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